Course web page for Psychology of Personality (Psychological Science 317)

 Fall 2013

Instructor:  Dr. Thomas M. Holtgraves
Professor of Psychological Science
Ball State University Muncie, IN 47306
Office: North Quad 108
Phone: 765-285-1716


Exam dates and sample exam questions

Course outline - Section 1

PowerPoint set 1

Powerpoint set 2

PowerPoint set 3

Powerpoint set 4

Powerpoints for Terror Management

Course outline - Section 2

Powerpoint set 1

Psychometrics quiz

Course outline - Section 3

Powerpoint set - Perceived Control

Powerpoint set - Kelly

Powerpoint set - Social Cognition

Powerpoint set - Self

Powerpoint set - Self Monitoring and Self Awareness/Consciousness

Course outline - Section 4

Powerpoint set 1

Powerpoint set - Genetics

Powerpoint set 2

Powerpoint set 3

Extra Credit: Journal Article Review

Personality Project Paper

Research Paper Project

Writing a Research Paper

Sample Research Paper 1

Sample Research Paper 2

Implicit Attitudes Test Project

16 pf Descriptions