Personality Analysis Project

  PSYSC 317

Fall 2013

Purpose: The purpose of this project is fourfold. First, it will give you familiarity with the issues involved in the measurement of personality traits. Second you will receive information regarding your standing on various trait measures. Third, it will provide you with a means for organizing and thinking about issues discussed in the course throughout the semester. Fourth, it will facilitate your learning about personality by making the material self-relevant.

Activity: During the semester you will take and receive feedback on nine different personality measures (some with multiple traits). Your scores will be completely anonymous and known only to you. Each of these measures will be discussed in class and so you should have a good idea of how your scores can be interpreted. Please keep all of your scores and notes regarding how the scores should be interpreted.

Paper: Your paper (typed; double-spaced) will be an analysis of your personality. But more generally, it should be an analysis of your personality in the context of the issues discussed throughout the semester. Your paper should address the following issue:

1. (Units of personality). Describe the structure of your personality based on the results of the measures that you took. Do not describe the results of each and every measure that you took. Rather, look for themes that emerged and try to integrate all of the information that you received. That is, what are the most important aspects of your personality? Are there any important aspects of your personality not captured by the measures that you took? Compare this description of your personality with the self-description of personality that you wrote on the first day of class. (40 points)

Then, choose two of the following three issues to address. For the issues you choose you must cite at least one source (from lecture or class) (40 points).

2. (Personality Development). What is the developmental course of these traits? How long have you had these traits? How did they develop? What is the role of culture in the development of your personality?

3. (Personality consistency). Do you always display these traits? That is, is your behavior always consistent with your traits? What factors influence when you do and do not display these traits?

4. (Personality measurement: Accuracy, defensiveness, and self-presentation). To what extent are you aware of your personality traits? To what extent were your responses to the personality questionnaires accurate? What influenced your degree of accuracy? Could the measures be improved in any ways?

Evaluation: Your paper should integrate text readings, lectures, class discussions and your own thoughts and observations regarding each of the four above issues. Papers will be evaluated based on the amount of effort and thought put into the four issues. This paper is due December 6, 2013. It is worth 80 points (40 points for issue # 1; 40 points for the other 2 issues)..