Psychological Science 317


Implicit Attitudes Assignment

Summer 2013

For this assignment you need to visit the "Implicit Association Test" site on the web and complete two of the implicit attitude tests. These tests assess implicit (i.e., nonconscious and automatic) attitudes and demonstrate public-private divergences in racial, gender, etc. attitudes. The tests can be completed on-line and the results are presented immediately. It takes less than 10 minutes to complete one test. The tests are interesting and the results can be illuminating. The phenomenon it demonstrates is related to the class discussion of unconscious effects (we did not talk about this specific effect). To complete this assignment you need to submit a brief description (typed) of the tests you took (what you did; how they work; your reaction to the results, etc.) and include a printout of your results for the two tests (you can white-out your score).

When you go to the cite (provided below) you will have two options. You can either click on the Demonstration link or on the Research link. Either one is acceptable for this assignment. If you click on the Demonstration link you will be able to choose which of 17 topics you will be tested on. If you click on the Research link you will be randomly assigned one of over 90 topics. Also, in the Research section you will need to provide more information (the responses being collected are part of an ongoing research project)

Regardless of which option you choose be sure to read the background information after you have completed the tests. Also, please remember to complete two tests and to include a printout for verification along with your typed paper.

This paper is worth 20 points and is due the second week of the session.

The address is:

Project Implicit

Once there, click on either Demonstration or Research